Budgeting Tips From A Fixed Income Family

The common problems the average person faces each day include having to live on a small budget. This might be true for college students, newly married couples, or anyone who has recently made a large purchase of any sort. People are often appalled at the extent others go to in order to save money. Every […]

3 Cool New Computers We’re Thinking About Buying

Over the last couple of years, technology analysts have been predicting the demise of desktop computers and laptops. The supporting argument for this forecast is that the frenzied growth of smartphones and tablets is redefining the way we approach computing. While it is true that many people have chosen to manage their lives directly from […]

Learning Online: A New Option for Parents & Students

Recently we talked about our grandson and how much he has excelled and succeeded after switching from a traditional high school to done he attends online. For years adults have been going back to school through the convenience of online universities. Now, the tide is shifting as more and more students look to learning online […]

Maintaining Your Health Past Age 50

Very few people are able to get all of the nutrients that they need from diet alone. Fortunately, you can supply your body with the nutrients it needs to stay healthy by taking a supplement. Below is a list of supplements for maintaining optimal health: Omega 3 Fatty Acids Many people believe that all fat […]

How I Choose My Running Shoes

Shoes protect our feet, help us maintain our balance, and can help correct physical problems. Without them, every day walking can become a very painful. When you start running, a lack of proper footwear can turn from painful to downright dangerous. Even without direct injury to the foot, the wrong shoe can cause balance problems, […]

Tips For Choosing An Online High School Program

Sometimes attending a normal high school isn’t an option. Kitty and I experienced this recently when our grandson decided to enroll in an online high school after experiencing trouble at our local public school. Going to an online high school has been tremendously helpful for Joseph and it’s made me think that more parents should […]