Budgeting Tips From A Fixed Income Family

The common problems the average person faces each day include having to live on a small budget. This might be true for college students, newly married couples, or anyone who has recently made a large purchase of any sort. People are often appalled at the extent others go to in order to save money. Every […]

3 Cool New Computers We’re Thinking About Buying

Over the last couple of years, technology analysts have been predicting the demise of desktop computers and laptops. The supporting argument for this forecast is that the frenzied growth of smartphones and tablets is redefining the way we approach computing. While it is true that many people have chosen to manage their lives directly from […]

Making Due On Social Security & Medicare

Without a doubt, when a person has to survive on Medicare and social security, he or she is going to face an uphill battle. Yes, while it can be done, especially in low cost of living areas, one will have an uphill battle when they want to get by. With this in mind, here is […]

Working Out Past Age 50

Kitty and I make it a point to exercise everyday. Whether that’s just taking a walk around the neighborhood or doing yoga together in the evenings. We’ve learned in order to stay feeling healthy, we need regular exercise. Not only does it improve our overall health, but it also makes us both feel more empowered […]

Kratom: A Natural Pain Relieving Supplement

  I have suffered from chronic back pain for over 10 years due to a serious on-the-job accident. Because of this, I have used a myriad of different prescription pain medications and tried a variety of different treatments to reduce my pain. At first the prescriptions worked great. They relieved my pain and allowed me […]

Where Does Kitty Find Her Quilting Designs?

There is nothing like curling up in front of the fireplace with a good book, a cup of tea or cocoa, and nice warm quilted blanket. Quilted blankets are timeless pieces of artwork that are handcrafted by loving hands. Many of these blankets often depict personal or historical significance. When your blanket has seen its […]