Tips For Choosing An Online High School Program

josephSometimes attending a normal high school isn’t an option. Kitty and I experienced this recently when our grandson decided to enroll in an online high school after experiencing trouble at our local public school. Going to an online high school has been tremendously helpful for Joseph and it’s made me think that more parents should consider sending their children to one. The fact is, there are some really good reasons to attend an online high school.

Issues such as disability and bullying can make looking for an online high school the better option. It is also handy for adults who never completed high school who would like to go back and get their diploma. The complicated matter is ensuring that you choose the online high school that is right for you or your child. Here are a few tips that will help you to make a wise choice in choosing the right online high school.

Special Programs

In cases in which you or your child suffers from a learning disability you will want to make sure you check out potential online high schools for special programs that are made to help individuals in your situation. This is pretty straight forward in many cases as many online high schools cater to such needs. If you are in doubt about whether or not a particular school can meet your needs, don’t be afraid to give them a call or send an email inquiring about certain features and programs that you need to get information about.

What Classes are Offered

While many classes will be mandatory and aren’t really negotiable in your quest for a high school diploma, other classes will be optional. Classes such as home economics, language courses, and others offer you or your child a chance to pick which ones would be the best fit for your needs. If you or your child has a particular interest in one of these subjects, for example if you wanted to take a German language course, make sure you find out whether or not such a class is offered at the online school. Also keep in mind that your choices for these classes can have an impact later when it comes to applying for college if you intend to go that rout.

Teachers vs Automation

In most cases online high schools will provide a mix of actual teachers and standardized lesson plans/tests/etc. You should take the time to consider how much teacher involvement you need for you or your child and how much you can get by with on your own. If you are an adult seeking to get your high school diploma online you may not need quite as much teacher supervision and assistance. On the other hand, a child may require a bit more oversight from a teacher for various assignments.

Making Due On Social Security & Medicare

medicaressWithout a doubt, when a person has to survive on Medicare and social security, he or she is going to face an uphill battle. Yes, while it can be done, especially in low cost of living areas, one will have an uphill battle when they want to get by. With this in mind, here is a short guide on what it’s like to survive solely on Medicare and social security.

Only basic medical care: Sadly, even in a wealthy country like the United States, a person who is only getting Medicare and social security is going to have to forego some medical treatments. While he or she will obviously be admitted to a hospital if there is a serious problem, they may have to skimp on medications and checkups. Simply put, if you are only getting by, you are not going to have the best medical care. For this reason, anyone with a lot of money will rush out and buy private insurance as a way to cover themselves in case of more pressing and serious issues.

Housing: Now, if a person bought a house a long time ago, they probably have some equity in it. But, while this is true, when owning a house, a person will often have to pay high property taxes. In some areas, one can get a break, but it’s still not easy when living in high cost of living areas like New York or California. Simply put, when receiving little money outside of social security, one will have to make a tough decision and either sell the place or get a reverse mortgage.

One incident away from serious financial problems: Many seniors are one bad incident away from losing it all. For example, if you are on social security and Medicare, you are going to be out of luck if you have a disaster at your home and don’t have insurance. Or, if you lose any savings you have, you will struggle to get by. This is becoming more common, and many seniors are returning to the workforce, even if they have to struggle to compete for jobs.

Problems getting access to food: Believe it or not, a lot of people who are retired don’t have enough money for food. This is hard to believe, but it’s true as many retired people simply can’t get everything they need to enjoy healthy meals. For this reason, many senior citizens rely on family or friends to help out. Others go to local churches to collect free food. Finally, when looking to cover the food bill, plenty of senior citizens resort to food stamps to get some food so they don’t starve.

While a lot of people retire in comfort, plenty of [people live off social security and only have Medicare to cover their health. This is the sad reality that people face and will continue to face in greater numbers. Even when trying to live a frugal life while on social security and Medicare, most still have serious issues.

Working Out Past Age 50

elderlyexerciseKitty and I make it a point to exercise everyday. Whether that’s just taking a walk around the neighborhood or doing yoga together in the evenings. We’ve learned in order to stay feeling healthy, we need regular exercise. Not only does it improve our overall health, but it also makes us both feel more empowered and strong even though we are approaching the final leg of our life.

Several individuals make the mistaken assumption that aging means they cannot be active anymore. However, for the elderly, working out is one of the most beneficial things they can do for their body in order to keep it healthy. While a senior citizen may not be able to do the same exercises that they could do when they were young, there are several exercises that are custom made for a senior workout routine.

Building Up Endurance

Endurance exercises are essential to keeping a strong heart and circulatory system. These exercises can be taken slow for someone who moves with difficulty, but can also be stepped up a notch for those in better shape.

  • Walking
  • Biking
  • Swimming
  • Dancing

These even more strenuous endurance exercises can be used for seniors who are in excellent shape.

  • Hiking
  • Jogging
  • Tennis

Establishing Strength

In order to reduce the risk of weakened bodies or fragile bones, establishing good strength-building exercises are ideal for any senior citizen. As a person ages, their metabolism slows down but, by using these exercises, it can reduce the risk of a weak metabolism, osteoporosis and bone loss.

  • Lifting free weights
  • Using resistance bands
  • Squatting while holding onto a side chair
  • Push-ups against the wall

Daily Stretching

Stretching keeps the body limber whether it is young or old, but an older body does not fight against a lack of stretching as well as a young body does, therefore, it is important to stretch before any workout in order to prepare the body for strenuous activity.

  • Sit close to the front end of a chair and lean back on the hands
  • Stretch legs out straight in front
  • Stretch the feet and ankles by extending the foot toward the stomach and then away from the body

Other stretching venues, such as yoga or Pilates, can be entire exercise routines that involve stretching the whole way through.

While getting old often has to mean making some sacrifices, a healthy body does not have to be one of them. With the right exercises, seniors can run right alongside the young ones without one thought of a broken hip.

Kratom: A Natural Pain Relieving Supplement



I have suffered from chronic back pain for over 10 years due to a serious on-the-job accident. Because of this, I have used a myriad of different prescription pain medications and tried a variety of different treatments to reduce my pain. At first the prescriptions worked great. They relieved my pain and allowed me to function normally.

But after awhile, my body began to develop a tolerance and it took more and more to achieve the same effect. Little did I know it, but my doctor was turning me into a drug addict. After realizing this, I made the tough decision to quit taking pain medication. Since then, I’ve been searching for a healthy, natural alternative to treat my pain. Recently, I discovered the plant based supplement Kratom.

Kratom has become increasingly popular, thanks to its mild psychoactive properties. With a variety of effects, including stimulating, sexual, analgesic and sedative, Kratom seems like an all-around answer to what ails us, but it all depends on the dose of Kratom ingested.

Low doses of Kratom stimulate and enhance mental awareness, and provide a boost in energy and sociability. In contrast, higher doses are similar to painkillers and sedatives. Because the fresh leaves are rarely used in the Western world, most consumers are continually experimenting with kratom to find different ways of consuming it.

The three most popular ways to take Kratom include chewing fresh leaves, mixing with juice to sweeten the taste, and drinking as a tea.

1) Consume dried leaves directly

The usual mode of consumption for Kratom is chewing fresh leaves, usually between thirty and sixty daily. In fact, many people consume the dried leaves to retain the effects longer, and while the leaves can be chewed, they are bitter and tend to be hard to swallow, not to mention, it can cause indigestion problems. Also, you must chew for a long time to get the desired effect.

2) Mixing Kratom and juices

You can also mix Kratom powder with fruit juice or applesauce, which avoids the bad taste. Fruit juices with high acid content, such as lemon or grapefruit, mixed with Kratom provide stronger effects. The Kratom alkaloids produce these desired effects because they become soluble in certain acids. Vitamin C tablets which are soluble in water can be used for the same purpose, as they contain ascorbic acid.

3) Making Kratom tea

Kratom dried leaves can be made into a tea, and you can infuse a variety of spices and herbs for taste. Simply boil the leaves in water for 10 to 20 minutes, then reduce the water and boiled again; this is usually performed a couple of times. Some users claim that including a lemon or lime in the water beforehand makes it easier to release the alkaloids during boiling. Freezing the leaves before making tea also facilitates enhanced extraction of the alkaloids.

If you’d like to give Kratom a try, I recommend Kraken Kratom. I’ve tried many different online vendors and so far they are the best. Their product is good quality and their prices are competitive. They also provide free shipping on all orders. Click here to give them a try today!


How I Choose My Running Shoes

runningshoesShoes protect our feet, help us maintain our balance, and can help correct physical problems. Without them, every day walking can become a very painful. When you start running, a lack of proper footwear can turn from painful to downright dangerous. Even without direct injury to the foot, the wrong shoe can cause balance problems, poor grip, and posture discrepancies.

You see, normally I wear elevator shoes to add a few inches to my height. However recently, my height increasing shoes have been hurting my feet. So, Kitty and I just recently went shoe shopping as I was in desperate need of some new running shoes. After several different stores and an entire Saturday out shopping, I settled on the Adidas Springblade shoes. They are both comfortable and stylish and I’m very happy with my decision. After buying them, I decided why not write about choosing the right running shoe. After all, if I’d had some help, it might not have taken so long to find my new pair. See the Adidas Springblade shoes for yourself by clicking here:

Why not take the time to learn about running shoes? There are many variables to consider, but there are also many websites where whom you can learn the basics. One of the first things to consider is what kind of running shoe you need. It sounds odd, but there are different varieties of running shoes, just like there are different varieties of tires for cars. There are road-running shoes, trail-running shoes, and even cross-training shoes for those who like to exercise in the gym.

Where you’ll be running on will determine the type of shoe you need. A runner who keeps to the roads and side-walks needs a light, flexible shoe that has plenty of shock protection. An off-roader will want a shoe with aggressive tread and excellent ankle support. Twisting a leg in the woods isn’t something you want to do with your day; the right pair of shoes can help avoid this. For those who like a more natural approach, minimalist (such as ‘toe-shoes’) are essentially foot shaped protection that allow your foot to do the job nature intended it to do.

Another important point is the way the foot hits the ground. The angle of the foot as it hits the ground will help determine what kind of shoe you need. Neutral pronation, when the foot hits the ground flat, requires no modifying shoe. Over-pronation (inside of the foot hits the first) and supination (outside hits first) should both be corrected by your shoe, in order to improve running and decrease the risk of injury.

Do yourself a favor and research your shoes. Ask the salesperson at the shoe store to help you pick out the right size, type, and corrective. Your feet will thank you!

Where Does Kitty Find Her Quilting Designs?

There is nothing like curling up in front of the fireplace with a good book, a cup of tea or cocoa, and nice warm quilted blanket. Quilted blankets are timeless pieces of artwork that are handcrafted by loving hands. Many of these blankets often depict personal or historical significance. When your blanket has seen its better days you can obtain patterns for creating a new one or even design your own pattern to create your next cozy reading throw.

There are a number of places online that one can investigate for their perfect pattern. Many of these patterns are offered free from the site and some patterns can be purchased. Below is a list of some quilting pattern websites to check out.

Craft Stores

  • JoAnn Fabrics: This retail store carries all of the supplies that are needed for quilting including specialty items and classes for instruction.
  • Michaels: The patterns that are found here are more of a kit than straight supplies. This option may be best for novice quilters for a starting project.
  • Hobby Lobby: This store offers a wide arrangement of boldly colored materials for quilting as well as the supplies needed for the project.

Original Creations
When it comes to getting what you want, making your own original creation is how to get it. When designing your own pattern it is important to lay the pieces out to be sure that it will all fit together properly and with the results you desire. For the novice seamstress a relatively basic pattern is suggested. Some of these quilted creations can become very detailed and confusing to a person who has not done this type of work before.

These quilted blankets are not only functional and beautiful, they also make perfect gifts for friends, relatives, or to donate to a worthy cause or shelter. There are a wide variety of patterns that can be utilized for this project and they can be found online, at craft stores, or the imaginative seamstress can create their own original work.

Kitty’s Favorite Health Supplements

kittyandmeAs Kitty and I age, our health has deteriorated slightly and because of that we’re both required to take medication and follow a daily diet and exercise routine. On top of that, Kitty enjoys finding good health supplements that she can add to her regimen to improve her overall feeling of wellness.

When it comes to women’s health is always pays to do your research before making a purchase. This is especially true when it come to buying supplements. There are plenty of great supplements out there but it can be tough to figure out which ones are best for you and your body. This article will detail three of the most popular women’s heath supplements, what they do, and if they are right for you or not. Remember, nothing in this article constitutes healthcare advice, please speak to your physical regarding such matters. Below are 3 supplements that Kitty won’t leave home without:


Iron is vitally important to a women’s health because it helps with oxygen distribution throughout the body by encouraging red blood cell development. This affects brain health, your immune system, body temperature regulation and more. It is also important for general cell growth as well. Iron is found in various meats such as beef, turkey, chicken, as well as beans and dark green leafy vegetables. One thing to keep in mind is that vitamin C help to enhance your body’s natural iron absorption so you’re going to want to make sure your vitamin C levels are doing well too. Also, it can easy to overdose on iron so be careful if you are getting it from the vitamins you take.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D does a lot for your body. Not only does it work to promote brain health, it also promotes calcium absorption for strong bones, helps your immune system, and reduces inflammation in the body. Vitamin D is actually found in very few foods, primarily occurring naturally in fatty fish such as salmon. Most people get their required Vitamin D from sunlight exposure but if this is not an option for you then you may want to check out various vitamins you can take to ensure you’re getting the amount you need.

Green Tea

Green tea is a great supplement that is often times overlooked by women when it comes to taking care of their bodies. Green tea acts as an antioxidant. Antioxidants block the activity of free radicals which are chemicals in the body that can react in a variety of negative ways including causing cancer. Recent studies have also shown that the antioxidants in green tea can also reduce inflammation and lower the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol. Green tea is available at most grocery stores and easy to acquire. If drinking it isn’t your think there are also green tea extract pills you can take.